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Say goodbye to clutter. Dive into streamlined workflows and capture ad genius effortlessly.

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streamline your creative workflow

No need to worry about endless folders, screenshots, drive links, notes or screen recordings. With GetAds you get a streamlined creative workflow so you can focus on what’s important.

Custom Tags

Assign Custom Tags to your saved ads for easy organization.

Organize, Filter & Search

Find your saved ads easily with our smart  search.

Landing Page

See the landing page your saved ads are directing to.

Collaboration tools

Share boards, ads or invite your friends to your workspace.

Always there

Your saved ads are always saved. Even if they are turned off.

Storyboards & Briefs (soon)

Let your creativity flow with all the tools you need to plan your best work.

Save Ads with

One Click

Save ads from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Save once and you’ll have it in your library forever, even if the brand stops running it.

The  Ultimate Tool for Creators

A set of tools to turn any creative into a real wizard


With workspaces, share your curated ads with different teams.

Embed Ads

Embed your saved ads anywhere, your blog, team Notion or MySpace profile.

Meta Data

Access relevant meta data of each of the ad creatives you've saved to your boards & folders.

Don’t take our word for it.

Hear from our users

"We can't imagine our day-to-day without GetAds! It's brought such a breezy and structured flow to our creative communications, allowing everyone from strategists to clients to just shine in what they do best, all while saying goodbye to endless back-and-forths."

Alex T.

Lead Creative Strategist

"GetAds is my daily go-to and absolute toolkit favorite for ad creative! Whether it's diving into creative strategy research or piecing together content ideas for clients (and myself!), GetAds shifted from being a nice to have to an absolute everyday essential."

Taylor M.

Senior Media Buyer

“GetAds pays for itself from day one and then some! Our winners have only multiplied since we started using it. It’s not just a tool, it's our little secret weapon that we just adore.”

Casey K

Digital Marketing Manager



Organize, collaborate, and elevate your ad creative research and planning.

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